Paradise City

“Paradise City” © 2020

Acrylic, Oil, Spray and Blattgold 24 Karat on Cardboard. Framed with glass. Different measures.

It is already known: In Japan, gold is a special metal with the task of repairing broken objects. The repaired defect is a unique piece of the object’s life that adds to its beauty.

Repair is an action that does not belong to all of us, but in this way to repair instead of throwing it in the trash corresponds to a special way of treating injuries and with a single and beautiful intention: to be able to prolong life.

Beauty corresponds to art, the ability of a real artist depends on his creativity to bring this concept, beauty, to his art work.

Since the origins of mankind, ugliness and beauty have both been an established measure in our society, and artists in particular are still the professionals to exchange them with one another. The ability to illuminate the darkness, contribute life to death, these types of talents only correspond to the artist and his creativity, in a constellation of communication, based on a unique and special language: the subjective language.

The combination of stunted materials, worthless, such as cardboard, or newspaper clippings, adhesive tape for packaging, are not the usual and academic materials that a normal artist can dream of to develop a masterpiece, even a moral question can be asked when the combination looks for the previously mentioned beauty through gold leaf on the cardboard, not only that, also a figurative representation of the reality of our society through a quasi believable personages painted from oil.

Combination of languages, urban art, literary reminiscences, irony and representational craft for your own creativity are the ingredients of this series, a tough portrait of the current capitals of our time, both the old EU, as well as Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Paris, as well as USA, New York, Chicago, maybe Philadelphia…? Blind urban landscapes for everyone who wants to see the reality of our day to day in a different direction. But they are there.

The difficulty of a picture is due to its narrative power, you can read and imagine, the task of a painter is reversed: the challenge to tell a lot through the picture, to add to, to describe and of course to get a reaction from the audience through this communication. Not easy work.

Difficult times, pandemics, biological wars, the future is already here, but nothing has changed at all, gold on cardboard, glow from the darkness … Exactly the task of an artist should only be there, as today’s journalist, just to to describe a contemporary society.

In the digital age where the differences between these crisis-pandemic-generations and people in general have peaked, a large part of this society still needs a golden filter to take them into account or maybe the gold plays a role in repairing our mistakes.

Isn’t cruelty a constant in our history?
Emilio Fornieles
Text for “Paradise City” series © 2020